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  • Indie Girl

    I have a soft side for Indie Girls.Girls I’ll never get; girls there are no formulae to gettingI have an addiction with just spectating.Knowing I cannot do anything, but never testing that theory Sometimes I’d much rather lookwith a virgin mind filled with possibilities, fantasiesthan to trythen be left with a mind filled with regretsand…

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  • Divine Drug 🏂

    white is the drug that is smooth to the soulreckless to the heart.on the bus, mouths talkwhile minds think of the start anticipation clenchesit shakes, but atop the mountainsouls are ready to fall; heaven is on the way downdivinity is the excitement bursting into crystals in the air a blow of snow powder transfigures all…

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  • Look What You’ve Done

    you were given a bodybut Look What You’ve Done Hurt itNeglect itSell itSacrifice itHate it to the point ofHealing itAccepting itNourishing itLoving it become something the audience willEnvy and Study—Gasps and Praises Big shout out to you! Thank you for reading! Please read more of my work here. Click to support my art on Ko-fi! Click to…

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  • No Need for Superstition

    Are you superstitious? Once, when I was around 7 years old, I woke up in the middle of the night to see my sister crouching, hugging her knees, and shaking in fear on the opposite corner of our bed. When we made eye contact, she pointed at the window. I looked and saw a black…

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  • Improvement

    i sit between the walls as the room for mistakes lessensthe pressure is molding me into an improvementi breathe, i aim to do more maybe i’ll have sunflowers in my speechlet my actions be healingaudit my personality remind myself sometimes your own thoughts overwhelmself imposed worries and pressure can drownyou have to allow others to…

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