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  • Midnight Library

    Boo meOr boo to you.A scare-tastic fanatic,Sometimes fantasticOthers, terror-ific. Results of a drain in my headMy brain eaten by confusion zombiesInstead.Due dates chasing me—I’m due for a date with the dead if I get out of line. Horrors I have brought upon myselfAre now awakened—all through this night.So I’ll remain. Focused as could beAs this…

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  • Let’s Abandon A Fire 🔥😷💨

    I puff some smokes The sky responds The siren sounds The city chokes — I inhale air, fresh life A memory, times unnoticed A warmth, under the red sun A pity, o what have we done? — I laugh, under my mask  Maybe that was a cough Maybe history is repeating Maybe this too shall…

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  • Inside My Mind

    the only person who sees what’s going on is me outside of my body watching me walk this world alone; unattended to why can no one else see? – i deserve my imprisonment in the internal darkness all the sorrow no one cares to see why don’t they notice me? Isn’t it obvious? i hate…

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  • Survivor’s Instinct

    – i freeze in the face of adversities as a survival instinct – Fight or Flight. – if i steady my pulse to near-absence i will escape fears and punishments – Fight or Flight. – instead i suffer. then dedicate time thinking i’ll encounter this, again. an opportunity that has fled – Fight or Flight.…

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  • That look on your face

    I’ve seen that look before… you’ve fallen in love with me.

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