Let’s Be Stars

Let’s brag about our future 

How we’re gonna save the world 

How we’re gonna fly high up and smile 

At the others below 


Let’s make a living in the skies as we glow 

Because indeed our location will be dark, 

But we’ll make our own lights 

Oh, we’ll be spectacular, 

They’ll think of us when they see great lights illuminating great mics like the sun 


And the kids will scream out “look up there mommy!” as they unleash a burst of energy and just run 

Oh, we’ll be great 

They won’t be able to catch us 

For we’ll be faster than the wilds of the forest 


We don’t need to rest 

We’ll never know what movie they put us in 

Or what music we’re forced to play a role in so he can win the girl’s heart 

Nor the melody that made kids realize what we are 


But it don’t matter cause we’re stars 

Don’t you see we’re already too high to be pulled towards the low? 

I promise you, it won’t be fun 

It will burn to even live because this will put you to the test 

But we’ll make the best of what we have like the reckless famous in a car 

We’re blue giants living fast and dying young. 

Copyright © 2015 by Eber & Wein Publishing

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