White and Yellow

I miss you,
I don’t know why I feel so guilty
But, I’m sorry.

I wish so dearly to hold your lovely face in my palms
I wish so dearly to brush my hand on your face so softly
Until the friction creates heat to keep you warm
And our sweat collides.

It is true,
If it is easy then something must be wrong.
So I have to hold on because everything that has to do with you is right
But, it’s so damn hard.

So often I’ve been feeling the hair on my skin stretch out
At the thought of you.
Like they want to escape my powerless body and travel to you,
Your eyes,
Your skin,
Your smile.
A smile mimicking the moon
A skin reflecting the sun

I want to see you day and night.

Copyright © 2015 by Charles Joseph Augustin

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