We, the People

We are the people who make others smile
We are the people who give you hope
We wash you clean of your worries, no soap.
We are the people who bring excitement and leave on a good note

We are the people who make the world turn
Lead each nation; make them know life is just a station
For there is an afterlife, heaven, the ultimate vacation.

We are the people who punish you, all in the hope that you will avoid the mistakes later.
But as we hit you, we hit ourselves
Scream at you and make you fear.
But as you cry, our hearts tear
Our soul screams, “can you not hear?”

We are the people you praise,
The people you raise.
You wish we wouldn’t leave,
So we didn’t.
In spirit we stayed.
Stayed watching over you, hinting the right path
Giving you wings when you fall and keeping you warm. A scarf.

Copyright © 2016 by Charles Joseph Augustin

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