Poetry by Charles Joseph

Young Lady

Today, I followed a young lady on Instagram because she is an artist.
All over her page were her prints:
Bold, innocent and kind, like saints.
She is an artist and though many did not realize it,
She kept sprinkling her art like a farmer dropping seeds and living it up to the soil to take advantage

Art. An individual who makes their existence an art and produce art.
The person who always bothered you or amazed you with their constant ideas that were so different from ours.
These ideas are art.
Being “different” is too vague
But the art in it is: not being reluctant to take the other path no one ever takes, even though there’s a 99% chance you will suffer.

The art is the personality
The artist—the person who overwhelms you with the weight of their unique being.
She makes you know that:
She might be like this other girl walking down the block
But hell no! They ain’t the same because her charisma is different
And that other girl is not as passionate when applying coconut oil!

A definition the generation I am currently living in has seemed to be lost to,
A definition so few of us are living in that it is, at times, a constant struggle for the artists
To be clear to the beauty of it.

The blacker the Berry, the sweeter the juice.
Was in my head a few pictures and likes through
African “Black” American feminist with a down-to-earth connection with her cultural background and nature;
The type of young lady I look at
And after hours of amazement, my court rules I will never be fit for her.
The type of young lady who puts her foot down and stupidity shakes
She is THE ONE natural beauty takes

The beauty in being a Black Female.
Some say, “Blacks used to be Kings and Queens”
But individuals like her show: blacks ARE Kings and Queens.
Blacks used to reign
Anyone can be a king and queen but so few can reign.

Poetry is art
Personality, I put apart
To praise the more and more

Her art is her Juice
Her skin, the blacker Berry

Copyright © 2016 by Charles Joseph Augustin

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