This also connects to the saying, “if you want something you’ve never had, then you have to go do something you’ve never done.” I hate to break it to you, but opportunity/life is not going to chase after you. You have to attract it. There are many times in my past where I would wake up, do the same thing, then complain about how my life is boring and I never get the opportunity to do something fun. I had to realize: of course my life will continue to be boring, I don’t attract the fun. If you want something different to happen in life, following your old routines will not allow that. Change something, build a door, then assess how good it is. If you want a job, going about your day the way you always do won’t make a job offer magically appear. You have to change something about your daily routine…like start looking for one or building on your qualifications to make getting a job more likely. And if you have a job and want a higher position, same thing still applies: change something; build a door. Whatever sort of success you dream of achieving, do whatever you can to attract the opportunity.

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