Poetry by Charles Joseph



Think of a child with a Lego set or some building blocks. What do you see? The child will try to put the pieces together and bring whatever they have in their imagination to life. Not letting our ideas remain ideas, is the morality in this quote.

You have to find the strength and courage to not let your thoughts remain thoughts. Ideas rule the world but if we only go as far as having ideas, there would be no progress in society. Stop letting whatever it is keep you from achieving your ideas, dreams and the things dwelling in your imagination. You can’t let your fears prevent you from pursuing your goals. Tell fear to go sit somewhere and leave you alone. Do not let anyone tell you that you’re thinking too big because it is only the people who think they can make a great impact on the world who actually do.

No idea is too big, too small, too smart or too dumb. An idea is an idea. When you realize the thoughts you have hold the potential to make a great change, whether in someone’s life or the world, making a difference (even in your own life) is right around the corner.

Please, tell someone, tell yourself to do the world a favor and not restrain these amazing thoughts from becoming something more than a thought. If a thought is not forgotten, it will surely go to the grave with you but, once you express it and do something with it…that something might live on forever.

If you have an idea, chase after it!

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