Dead Intellects (poem from the upcoming digital book, “How I Escaped Engineering School”)

Along that avenue,
Education became about
Who could endure the most all-nighters
Study biology,
Which teaches
The self needs sufficient sleep…

The irony:
One must kill to live
Two must burn
To feel quenched.

“Enough is Enough!”
Followed by,
“Let’s give it one more try.”
Constantly jeopardizing our health
For a goal cursing our wings
To this earth.

“Study harder!
And you shall fly,
Little bird”…
Or die

Or experience a dead flight
Raise your hand if you can
Say that your after-life is
Worth the years of bathing
In the cold dreaded mud of education

Some of us
Have died so many times
On that road to “Success”
That all we see in the mirror
Is an Intellectual Corpse.

Copyright © 2016 by, Charles Joseph Augustin

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