Yum Yum (poem)

No poetry upon request,
But this time, I really cannot digest!
Jerk chicken, black rice, empanadas with some zest
Oh! I don’t think there’s enough space for the rest!

No better way to experience a culture
Than to engulf yourself in its food.
Flying fish and griot; perfect for your leisure
Swallow fast cause they’re too good

Awww moma! I think I’ll marry samosa
My stomach is a bottomless pit
And Indian food is looking like a perfect fit,
Though ages in the bathroom won’t be lit!

My wisdom is hidden in a cookie
A little sweet but none like a smoothie
Con, “pizza, pizza!” from Italia to Little Caesar’s!
Oh, fighting for food freshens frequent scars

I don’t like spicy…
But I’ll bury my taste buds in Jollof rice.
Feel it in my veins as Mama Africa dances
She contains the most beauty.

Copyright © 2017 by, Charles Joseph Augustin

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