A College Friendship Story: Semester Friends

I taste the wind
I sense the sand
Have you yet begone,
My semester friend?

(Semester Friends)

A scarcity of time.
Vast procrastination,
Such distraction–
I lack attention.

I seek consistency
Perhaps stability,
But we produce:
A change in the winds
The rolling of sands–
My companion,
Let’s be more
Than just semester friends.

(Semester Friends)

Such negligence;
Revelation of importance
Our matters have lost sense,
But perhaps there’s a chance?
For together, we know perseverance.

But now it seems,
I only see you in the distance
Was it meant to be?
Will you leave me?
Have you left me?

(Semester Friends)

Sleep has chased us,
But we’ve Escaped.
A relationship 3 months’ depth
(And change)

We now know wisdom,
But I’ll force you in too deep,
Then I’ll follow. Though you’re sheep

With tears, and laughter
Stapling memories in thereafter
Next semester, will we become
Memories in thereafter?

(Semester Friends)

We died during finals
But after the resurrection,
Our friendship was final.


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