Bright Ideas

Her future’s so bright that
There’s no point in approaching,
Ain’t no coming too close.

They say she’ll reveal your imperfections with her spotlight
Your tricks will lay toast
Your dreams become ghost

I heard she walks into the night and
The darkness flees before it catches
So then the moon’s magic finally becomes whole

Her future’s so bright
That she’ll crush your: Lightbulb-ideas
Her supernova mind; her supernatural intelligence
Proves only one thing can compare
Only one can reach competence

That’s the sun.

You’re stuck upon ideas of light-bulb
But her thoughts are at the center of the universe

Her future’s so bright
I heard em say, lightning is striking there
To bring down anything that goes against her
Laser beams shoot through their walls, defenses.
Lava Burns through the barricades in her path
So, brother

Listen closely when they say think twice before encountering her

Her future’s so bright
She will blind you.
Make you lose control of any power you THOUGHT
You had over her.

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