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My Muslim Girl (YouTube Video)


Heyyyyyy guys! This is a reading of my poem, “My Muslim Girl” at @bowerypoetry . Please click the link above to watch the full video!

“My Muslim Girl” is a poem that I wrote about Islamophobia. This poem is also in “Black and White”, my chapbook about racial oppression in America. Black and White is still being sold! At a sliding scale of 5-10 dollars, you can get your own SIGNED copy of Black and White. If you would like a copy, please comment so below, and we will get you one!

Additionally, I am selling digital copies of Black and White. If you would like to purchase a digital copy, I will put the link to where you can do that in the comments below! You will need to have a PayPal account to make the purchase.

Thank you all so very much for watching the video! Please let me know what you think! 🙏🏾



7 responses to “My Muslim Girl (YouTube Video)”

  1. Link to purchase digital copy of Black and White:

  2. very powerful! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Of course!!! Thank you so much for the comment! Please subscribe to see more of my work!

  3. Great man, It’s visual. I can almost see it with animation. Maybe collaborate with an artist? I’m passing it along to friends, if you don’t mind.

    1. yyyoooo dude!! An angel or God (or both) literally sent you here because animating my poems is NOT a foreign concept in my mind at all!!!! I’ve been thinking about it since I wrote the poem linked below. I would LOVE to collaborate with an artist. I don’t know if you’re an animator or if you know a few, but I would LOOOVVEEE to get in touch with you and your connections. I think this is a great opportunity and maybe there’s a lot of potential in it, but I would like to find out! Thank you so much for sharing my video with your friends! Please tell people, especially other artists/animators. Also, would you like to connect and possibly talk more about this? I would like to! If you’re down, please message me on Instagram at Sircharlesthepoet. I am very active on that page. Maybe we can talk further there.

      Finally, here is a video of me performing the poem that initially got me thinking about animating my poetry, lmk what you think. Cheers!:

      1. Sorry so long to get to you. Damn day job, wedding anniversary, sick dog, collapsing yard,…. but it’s a good day. Anyway, I’m not really connected with a lot of people from a better time anymore. Moved outta LA long ago. I’m just out here in the badlands. (Riverside, CA ). Still writing, but…… Just still see things different form domestic dude. Keep doing what you love.

        1. Thank you man! Thank you for the slight hope

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