Outsiders (Snippet and YouTube Video)

Love that was never written in books but in-between chapters,

Love that our parents beat us,

Pull our ears and twist our skin for

So that pain embedded in our soul will always remind us

To never love another

Let’s make love that was never found in nature,

Love that angels and monsters will forever fight us for,

Love that God did not make.

At least, not for humans

Let’s make love in the darkest places of the planet:

Places darker than our worst crimes

That could never be punished by death nor prison.

Let’s give each other our sorrows through smiles, tears and short spontaneous bursts of laughs

Like we are crazy.

But that’s okay, I promise

Because all who rule the world are crazy.



Hey guys!

This is only a snippet of my poem, “Outsiders“. If you would like to hear the full piece, I have a video of me performing it on my YouTube page. The video is also linked below! Please don’t forget to comment what you think. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more of my videos and share with someone!!! Thank you! ❤

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