Poetry by Charles Joseph

City Full of Dreams


In a city full of dreams,
We ask ourselves, “what are we?”
How do we fit?
What purpose is there in this world?

In this city full of dreams
Filled with futures
Ideas running like streams
Until they run out…

Maybe, they say, our bright future
Was never meant to be a truth.
After all, we’re only scatterbrained youth.
All we have is ideas that run like streams
Ideas that run…until, they run out.
Until they give-in to zero action, and more failure

A statistic.

The stars, the planets,
The sun.
Chose to rise upon our backs.

Send us to different corners of the world;
Different colors, different universes—
Showing us of more to see, more to be
Much more to become
Than the confines of our city.

Each, in our own universes,
To kindle our fire. Teach it to grow and
Teach it of the fruits the world hides within
But also
Teach it of the foes that will drive us insane;
The foes that hide within.
Teach it to break free of our mind’s boundaries

Teach our small fire:
Although there might be rain,
You can still reign.

In a world where no path is given to follow
The Stars showed us how to create our own—walk with light, in this darkness:
They took the time to know us, and help us trace this path.

Until all we had to do is trust the next step.

In this city full of dreams,
We made ourselves what we wanted to be
And saw beyond what we could be.
When the world couldn’t fit our minds,
We went out, into the universe, and found our bigger purpose.

We still speak to the youth,
Tell them our success is the truth
Trust your gut, follow your star
Walk this journey, take each scar
But make it lead to a dream—a bright future!

In this city full of dreams,
We were meant to stay asleep. Left behind.
But now, we’re becoming a dream to wake up to
A story to be told to others

Now, our ideas run…
Until they run out…side
And they run
Until they run…the world


8 responses to “City Full of Dreams”

  1. Wow. You just described life’s journey. Very hopeful and inspiring.

    1. Haha, thank you a lot Theresa. I like that your comment gave more value to my post! 🙂

  2. I liked it a lot😍

    1. Thank you immensely!!!

  3. And, I believe, eventually they will- run the world. I find this to be very relevant. Well done man!

    1. Thank you very much man!! I actually wrote this poem for a celebration by a program that I was in. The program helps minorities in the tri-state area get through college and give them the skills needed to steadily make their path in life. The poem was a way of summarizing the program’s main goal and the students’ experience in the program.

  4. Amazing, simply amazing!!✨

    1. Wow! You’ve made my day. Thank you!!!

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