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City Full Of Dreams (Poetry Reading)


Throughout my 4 years in college, I was a part of a 4-year program called UBS-Next Gen Leaders. The program was created from the partnership of UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) and a nonprofit called SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity). As a part of the program, I received personal assistance from college mentors and career advisers, I participated in workshops for college readiness and success, and workshops to help build my professional network. and get jobs and internships. Basically, everything you may need to not only get through college sanely, but also get through it successfully, and be in good hands after graduating.

Last month, I graduated from that program. As a part of the graduation celebration that we had, I was approached and asked to write a poem to basically summarize my experience in the program.

That is where the poem, “City Full of Dreams”, came from. I was able to get a video of me reading the poem at the event, and I’ve uploaded it to my YouTube channel. The link to the video is above this body of text, and below it. Thank you for watching, and please pay special attention to my fly outfit and my amazingly holed shoes. Enjoy!


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  1. Love the poem and congratulations!

    1. Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!

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