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Live Poetry Reading – EVERY WEDNESDAY!!


To start off, no poetry today! (tears) (or maybe you might get a little something-something later (wink! wink!) but we’ll have to see!!! Nonetheless, I wanted to make an announcement (which I have no clue why I did not make it earlier). As the title reads, I do a live poetry reading EVERY WEDNESDAY!

“Well, Mr. Sircharlesthepoet,” you might say, “where does such live reading take place?”

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, then you might have noticed that I end each post with “Sircharlesthepoet“–a hyperlink that takes you directly to my Instagram page! That page is where I do the live readings. That Instagram page (hint-hint: check it out and even follow me, if you have an account!) is where I do the live readings. I don’t know if WordPress has a feature like so, but Instagram has a feature that allows you to do a live video. I use that feature to have a weekly poetry reading.

So every week, I find a poem and read it on Instagram live, where followers from all over the world can swing by and watch me read! Although the live reading is on Wednesday, the time of it during that day often changes, due to the nature of my job and way of life. Nonetheless, I try to do the readings in the afternoon (when everyone is home from work/school). Additionally, on the day before or as the day progresses, I post updates on my Instagram story of when the live reading will happen. To summarize, if any of you have an Instagram page, FOLLOW ME! I post poetry on there and I am very active on there as well. And as a bonus to following me, you will be able to join me in my weekly live readings!

Thank you all very much for all of the support that I have been getting so far! And I hope to see you in next week’s live poetry reading!


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