Poetry by Charles Joseph

Dear Poetry

Dear poetry,

I never got the girl.
Well, I never got the girlS. None of them.
I’m sorry that upon our first interaction
I used you as my thirst’s satisfaction.
All along, you had other plans for me
Plans to lift me higher and drag me
Out of my own tunnel. Oh, you’re so reckless!
The trips you send my heart on
The ones that confuse my soul, and my brain
Finally knows to quiet and listen.
I guess that is why you and I are a perfect match:
Doing reckless deeds to one another.
Thank you for making me more than an author;
Because of you, I am none other
Than a sir.

Charles Joseph

How and why did you start making art? Comment below!


20 responses to “Dear Poetry”

  1. As my bio says, I’m very much into expressing my feelings and without many, seemingly any, who like to share back, writing gives me the outlet to let my feelings out so they’re not just stuck in my head.

    1. That is simply wonderful man!

    2. hey, way to be vulnerable guy. especially in an online space. it’s refreshing.

  2. An homage to poetry….one of the better ones I’ve read. 🙂

    1. Ooooohhhh wow! That’s so sweet of you. Thank you so much!!!!

  3. I didn’t write until both my kids got past a certain age and also we got a little house right between mountains and deep forest. Then it was like a dam bursting. All this stuff waiting. I find thoughts that I give enough time to, for them to take shape as poetry kind of stay sorted for me . They stay thunk. Also I find I’m getting more and more committed to conservation. I love your poem, oh Sir! Linda of Southpaw.

    1. Wow, that is amazing. That is very wonderful and I am very grateful that this poem of mine could remind you of that important story in your life. I think that it is amazing that you lived between mountains and forests. I have a deep love for nature, although I am a city kid, so living somewhere like this is a haven for me. How was it to live in a place as such? Did it inspire a lot of writing from you? How are your kids? Are they creatives too?

  4. We still have the house, but we don’t live there all the time. I teach piano in the city then escape there as often as possible. It is, as you say, a haven. Stress just falls away and everything slows right down. You find your real self under all the rushing and worries. Most of my poems were written right there . Mountain, forests and water run through all of it really, and birds! My kids do creative stuff too. One is rather wonderful on the piano and the other seems to take awesome photos. They both spend a lot of time clambering all over our NZ wilderness. Keep up the wonderful writing.

    1. That’s amazing! It sounds like a wonderful life you’re having haha. It’s almost a perfect life, from my perspective. I hope you find eternal joy!

  5. Very nice piece! I’m not much good at poetry but you seem quite talented!

    1. Thank you immensely! That’s a great thing for me to hear 🙂

  6. My mediums are words and music. I feel that writing and playing my instruments are the only raw ways to express myself uninhibitedly. It also gives me a means to connect with others on a humane level that is universal.

    1. Music, writing and just the arts in general are really great in that sense right??? I definitely express myself differently and in a more pure fashion through my words. I play guitar, some times and thats a powerful medium too! It’s truly amazing and I am always blessed that I am able to share that with people such as yourself 🙂

      1. I appreciate you sharing your poetry with me and everyone. 🙂

  7. This was funny. Lol

  8. This is pretty awesome! Like the humor and the pain mixed together!

    1. Hahaha!! Wow! That is actually exactly what I tried to do 😀

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