Tonight, like a regular Monday night, I pulled up at the Bowery Poetry Club to warm my soul with some Poetry. While observing the crowd, I saw her. Looking at her, I thought, “ummmmmm (x1000000), she looks familiar 🤔” then, “ummmmmm, she looks like Rupi Kaur”. I pondered on it some more then concluded, “naahhh, Rupi Kaur is taller than that”…but man, moments passed and I just couldn’t shake the thought. So I turned to the Bowery Poetry interns and manager, and whispered, “y’all, is that Rupi Kaur???” Confused, the manager responds, “nnoooo” with certainty. I replied, “but she looks sssssooooo much like Rupi!!” At that, he said, “well, go ask her, man”. So, collecting all the courage and strength in my youthful body, I pulled up on her with a, “hey, you look A LOT like Rupi Kaur”. At that, she replied with a smile, “I am Rupi Kaur.” I froze. Then exploded with, “omg! You’re Rupi Kaur!!! Wait, YOU DO KNOW YOU’RE RUPI KAUR, RIGHT?? Like you’re famous-famous!” Then I blabbered and fanboyed some more, and we took a quadrillion selfies!
Tis was a good night, y’all.

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