Poetry by Charles Joseph

There’s Supposed To Be Magic

There’s supposed to be magic:
A question of perception, and imagination.
With a cohesion of the both
You fool!

All reality is not the same but we
Live within the same reality
The same laws of the planet, rules of gravity

On the same space
So don’t envy another’s grace
For you don’t know. You don’t know. You’ll never know.

With the goals you chase, I hope you real-eyes:
Chase it, don’t complain
Learn, don’t go too insane
Always have your eyes on the prize

These things hardest to find
Are sometimes right in front of our eyes—
So focus your vision!

Count your blessings; Thank each day
Thank your gods or keep belief in fate
The journey you’re given is a blessing
Your struggles are a testament.

The high road is rocky but
These cheat codes that God put on your path
Are revealing internally:
You were meant to thrive.

This spark out of your wand. No matter how small
Is no accident. It’s no mistake. It was designed
You’re on the right path.

You’re doing good.

You’re yelling,
Cause who you compare yourself to
Was given forgiveness, and not the knife
But has God not put cheat codes in your life?

You’re very busy, as we can see,
Complaints from the East, complaints from the West
But didn’t mother tell you,
To count your blessings?!

Don’t you know nothing comes without hard work?
Don’t limit the oil to the hustle
You’re the chance you’re waiting for

This shortcut ain’t it. This shortcut can cut you short!

There’s this idea of magic:
A tendency to achieve the unrealistic; beyond ordinary.
Without having to invest decent effort.

I know, I live by this idea.
Fooling the self without noticing.
But that’s the trick of magic—Abrah Kadabra


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