Freshmen year of college, I met this girl who I became pretty close with. One day, I went to her dorm to visit her (like I would do annoyingly too much). After knocking, she opened the door. There was a lady friend of hers calmly sitting on her bed. The three of us hung out, I was introduced to the friend, we cracked some jokes, and then I went about my day.
A few days later, I saw her in the school cafeteria, and so we ate together. While eating, she asked, “Charles, what do you think we were doing in the room when you knocked?” I looked at her, smiled, then responded, “you two were kissing.” Shocked, she blushed and exclaimed, “omg how’d you know that? Wow, you’re very perceptive, Charles!”
That was the first time I was called perceptive. Very often, in my normal interactions with people, I would naturally feel something about them/observe something from them. When I’d express it, they would react in surprise, saying that no one had ever noticed that about them or that they’ve been trying to find a way to express that part of themselves–thus I’ve given them the words to. As I develop into and embrace my personality, I find myself constantly seeing people in ways that not many others see them in. I find myself observing and feeling things about people that I think are SUPER obvious, but soon enough I find myself alone in these observations–with a subject filled with shock and amazement.
Something else that I want to do, and that I am already slowly doing, is put my descriptions, perceptions, and understandings of people into my writings. I want to write poems about people. I want to extract the poem out of the person. I want to turn the person into the poem. The more that my eyes open up to it, the more I am able to see the poetry that each human is. We’re all human, but I think my special blessing is to be able to see that we’re actually more than that. If I could open each person’s eyes to that fact, I would. I’d be content if I could spend the rest of my days trying to write people into poetry. Extract the work of art that is in them. ✨


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