Poetry by Charles Joseph

Black Hole Beauty

Maybe I’m wrong.
But if your eyes and your smile open
At just the right dimension,
A bright light will beam!
Driving me so shocked, I couldn’t motion.
These black spots on your face
Are black holes.
Out and determined to consume your light;
Capture it to never be freed.
So, sometimes, they give tears;
Sometimes, I see tears.
Black holes on your face
To invade, infiltrate, colonize your space
Like capture.
Like, nothing can escape,
Like, not even your happiness.
So, it’s been pretty dark around here, lately.
Don’t you think?

Maybe I’m wrong.
I mean, I did drop out of engineering school
So maybe something changed. Although, the laws of the universe are constant.
This field of darkness that sometimes escapes
From these small spots floating on your face
Is the reason for the tears.
I know,
Darkness in this universe is taking over.
Starting with your feature
But, darling, I know, these lights
Do a rather fine job of drying tears
So, when you spread the glowing blade of your cheeks,
Beam, gloss reflecting off of your lips,
You defy science. Rip black holes apart!
Show that the laws of science are not constant;
Rules and limitations are not constant.

Open these black holes. Set light free.
Free to roam through space, constellations. The Cosmos.
When light escapes from black holes, it belongs among the stars.
And ain’t that just a beautiful thing?
At the brink of death,
We think that all life and hope has left.
But if we fight for slightly longer?
Our victory will put us among the stars
Stories of plight; victories of light.
You’re able to defy reality
Shred your black holes open
And free yourself. To become
Light. Exploding in the skies
Ain’t that just a beautiful thing?


Yes, this poem is about someone who has freckles.

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  1. good text and beautiful image

    1. Thank you!!! Look out for the video coming out tomorrow!

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