Poetry by Charles Joseph


Tell me a story.
Matter fact,
Tell me a joke.
Tell me about how you spend more time collecting
Dad jokes
As opposed to doing your school work
Tell me why pain makes you laugh
Right before you yell “yooo that’s fucked up! Oh my Goddd!!
I’m definitely going to hell for laughing at this”
Tell me the story of that one time you did that one thing
So ridiculous,
That you fell, got injured,
Yet you proved that laughter is still the best medicine

It’s been kind of bland around here,
So spark the dark; spark the talk.
Tell me how you walk with a spark
And the reason? Well, this world is simply too dark
Tell me how you walk that walk,
You talk that talk. And it’s all good when you in the hood
How you belong on a stage, next to Eddie Murphy
But I guess, for now, we’re gonna keep your jokes to the back of the classroom
I need a funny story!
I wanna know why
That rooster was chasing your long legged aunty, in the yard
Tell me how
She ended up running all throughout town with a broken sandal even after the rooster flew away
Tell me how is it that roosters fly in your stories!

David was able to beat the goliath, blah blah blah
We’ve heard that story too much
This world is rather sad, and my poetry is not doing it any longer
So tell me, if it’s no bother
This time, let us try humor
I actually carry with me a folder on my phone that is filled with dad jokes
One day, I hope to go to Las Vegas to pick up some fine honeys with them
But until then, imma practice on my co-workers who have no choice but to listen to me
As I laugh at my own jokes.
It’s been mighty serious around here
I need something to make my heart jump.
Jump start my heart.
So call this comedy.
Call this your stage.
Tell me something. Make me smile. 🙂


24 responses to “TELL ME A JOKE! :D”

  1. “What did the fish say when it hit the wall?”

    1. OOOOHHHHH! I KNOW THAT ONE! The fish said, “DAM!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Hahaha! Yep. 👍😂

    2. Why did the nurse go to art school? 🤔

        1. To learn how to draw blood!

          1. Buwa hahaha! Good one, Sir.
            This post made me giggle—my Dad (RIP) had a folder of jokes too—you know the one about how all the organs in the body were fighting about who is in charge?

            1. Rest in peace to him!!!! Nnnooooo!!! I don’t know that one! But please do share I would love to add it to my list 😂😂

              1. Ok, so once upon a time the brain, being ‘full of itself’, began to boast—I’m in charge! Muwahahaha!”
                The heart meanwhile disagreed and thought itself to be the boss because who can survive without a heart?
                Then pretty soon all the other organs started fighting…
                Except the lowly Ass hole who quietly went on strike.
                At this point in the joke my dad couldn’t contain himself with much gawfawing and knee slapping.
                Of course the brain and the heart stopped working so well (full of poop)—but teamed up together—rioting and demanding the asshole do as they say….you know what happened next.
                Anyway…in the end everyone unanimously decided and begged and pleaded—
                “The Asshole is in charge!”
                If you like this—by all means add it to your list. My dad would laugh. He loved this kind of humor.

                1. HAHAHAHAHA THAT IS FUNNY!!! You already know this one is in my list! Wow, your dad must have been a great person to be around 🙂

                  1. Glad you liked this and it made you laugh! He was quite a character. We fought like crazy…I miss him. Thank you for sharing in this joke—his favorite…and he had many.🤣. Cheers!

                    1. Thank you for sharing that piece of you and part of him with me. Cheers! 🙂

                    2. You are most welcome. Sir Charles, you’ve inspired me—I may just write a post about him and his favorite joke. 😂

                    3. Please do! And please let me know when you do so that I don’t miss it!!

                    4. Thank you!!! I will check it out when I have some time!!! 🙂

                    5. Hahaha I LOVE IT!!! I love how witty and punny your dad was throughout the whole joke. Is he the one who wrote it? I especially loved the ending, “The Asshole is the boss” hahahaha so true!

                    6. Glad you love it! The original joke was from a folder of office jokes he kept. Silly pictures and things—same as today only before computers. I rewrote this one to make light of our current situation—but the theme is basically the same:
                      We each have our respective roles to play and each is important—listen to your gut instinct and be kind to one another. Let the heart lead the mind—and remember who is the boss of it all!
                      Yeah—he thought it was funny too.🙃

                    7. Wow I love when humor and wisdom are combined <3 Thank you, once again

                    8. Well said! You are welcome. And please, I hope you will write your version of the joke—add to it! 💓

                    9. hahaha hopefully I get around to doing it. I don’t write jokes much, unfortunately :/

                    10. Just keep writing and performing! Society needs your smile and wit more than ever! Laughter is truly the best medicine. 😊

                    11. Thank you so much! That means worlds to me <3

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