Lifetimes ★★★★★

“You look like somebody who I’ve met in another lifetime”
Like you travel.
But not the type that could be understood
By a regular human brain–I could never
Be understood
By a regular human brain.
“You look like somebody I know in another lifetime”
You draw nostalgia from my well
Of buried memories:
Feelings of love that were never supposed to resurrect
Feelings of love that I kinda, sometimes, maybe, wanted to resurrect
To tell me there’s still beauty to fight for.
“Have I met you before?”
You travel through distance,
Outside time’s boundaries;
Travel through Space and Time
Knowing limitation is all in the mind
Maybe you’ve come for me, I’m hoping.
This time and age hasn’t been merciful…
I wanna go back!
You’re one of the travelers
To morph; to switch parts, and revive
Dead memories.
You’re one of the travelers.
To drag with you
Things that were made sure to die.
Now I know why
There’s this slight feeling of something I forgot
That is still with me.
“You look like a time I’d give it all, to return to”
“You remind me of a moment that escaped.
One I tried to hold on to.”


Have I met you in another lifetime?

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