Lifetimes (part 2)

You draw nostalgia from my well
Of buried memories:
Feelings of love that were never supposed to resurrect
Feelings of love that I kinda, sometimes, maybe, wanted to resurrect
To tell me there’s still beauty to fight for.

“Have I met you before?”
You travel through distance,
Outside time’s boundaries;
Travel through Space and Time
Knowing limitation is all in the mind
Maybe you’ve come for me, I’m hoping.
This time and age hasn’t been merciful…
I wanna go back!


Sometimes you meet someone, and they remind you of exactly another person who you had met in the past. You know it is not the same person, but you just cannot shake the feeling. The sentiment, resemblance, and aura that the person gives you is too strong for it to not be the person you knew in the past. It’s too strong for them to not have time traveled.

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