Poetry by Charles Joseph

Inventions And Desires

You have cheer
You have pain
You have beauty
You have what I’ve always thought to be perfection.
And I know perfection is not real,
My imagination has seen so close
That I tend to end: falling for the girls who…
I fall for ideas of girls.
Perception of girls
The inspiration; imagination

I think the concept of, “falling in love” is
An idea that a dreamer invented.
Poor dreamer probably came so close to it:
Dreams of drowning.
The dreamer had too much love to pursue that person
So they chose to imagine being succumbed
Falling from it all.
To where? Death, perhaps.
But, idk
I’m just a writer.

I would say I’m in love with you;
I love you;
I want to make love to you;
Your smile lights a bulb in me that
Thomas Edison, as well, was convinced would never glow

But I think, maybe I only
Want to love you.
Like I would spend hours, days, weeks, months, years.
(Two times, I’ve spent years)
In middle school,
Caved in my imagination, boiling a potion
That convinces everyone at reach
That I love her.

I love her so much.

Because at 13 years old, I had perfect knowledge of what love is~

Do we love people?
Or do we want to love?
Do we love the idea of loving someone?
Do we want something non-existent—that a dreamer had waved into imagination
However long ago?
How can it truly be love if
A heartbreak strikes, pain soars high as kites
Then you don’t love ‘em no mo’?
Should true love be perishable?

Such the questions I never asked myself

You’re a beauty in written and photography.

After many pictures out in the open
I’ve come to realize that you know the sun thinks so

Nature might be going through this phase of
“what is love” too.
So everything about you is nothing short of natural.
A Natural Miracle.

Maybe nature does know what love is
Maybe there’s something about it that we are all addicted to
Maybe we love not knowing about love
Maybe we want to fall for an idea. A piece of imagination.

Maybe this poem has derailed. Like my mind does, each time I see a picture
Of you.


Thank you for reading! Let me know what you think 🙂

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