Carving You Be Like… (part 3)

Consuming you be like…
And you know I’m here,
They know we’re here.
Your existence in the North,
My joking through the South
Our energy creates a balance. An importance that never misses out
Although, they all miss, when out.
There’s a unique experience we carry
That’s exclaimed into forms of incomprehensible beauty and art.
If you haven’t been through it,
You wouldn’t know.
If you haven’t traveled in-between worlds to exist in the between of worlds,
You can’t quite comprehend the existence of our Universe.
Consuming you be like
I could reach out and touch you:
Something delicate, yet not fragile.
Not too agile, but what’s a good story without Scars?
So, dime. Cómo estás?
Cuéntame tu historia


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