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Keiken Media (The Fashion Brand–and more!)

Hello everyone!

I have a wonderful surprise! I recently learned that Keiken was found and is led by a classmate of mine from high school (who I was no longer in touch with because I’m TERRIBLE at that stuff)! While looking through some of the photos on Keiken, I saw the picture above, and it stopped me dead in my tracks! “Wait…I KNOW HER!” I remembered that girl from when I was in high school! She was a senior when I was a freshman, so we were never close—we knew of each other’s existence because the school was so small! I reached out to her, and in talking more about Keiken, here’s what I learned:

Keiken Media is a digital creative agency with a rising streetwear fashion brand. The company identity is tied together by cross cultural integration of style expression from Japan, the origin of its name, the Caribbean and Black American communities in the United States.

Currently displaying several capsule collections, the Keiken catalog consists of brand staple pieces like the Classic Keiken Embroidered visor to protect you from the sun while keeping you looking cool. As well as the Classic Keiken Embroidered packable champion windbreaker that can be easily be used as storage for itself, making the item exude laid back confidence, youthful innovation, and functionality.

The company name Keiken translates from Japanese to “one’s own experience.” Like the brand’s nomenclature, the Land of Sunshine collection grew from the definition of the inspiring country’s name. Japan translates to “sunshine land” and the emblem for this capsule collection shows how Japanese culture is ingrained in the brand’s DNA and radiates throughout the design.

The Newest items are centered around one of the three pillars of Keiken. The Pillars are Health, Wealth, and Sustainable Living. For the wealth portion Keiken Media encourages education and engagement with cryptocurrency and the various lanes of the growing decentralized finance space. The collection includes T’s, sweat shirts, and fun accessories like socks and stickers.

Check out some of the styles Keiken offers here:

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