CR U MB L E (FREE Poetry Book)

Hi. So I wrote a book. It’s free. Thank you to the beautiful people at Keiken Media for writing an article reviewing the book. In their article (linked below), there is a link to a PDF of the book (it’s free). So go over there and read it. It’s free.
The book is titled, “Crumble”. I started it back in high school. At some point, at that time, I realized that I had a “crush” or a thing for 4 different girls, and they each were in a different school year. So I wrote a poem for each of them–putting the poems together into a collection titled, “Crumble”.  The main idea behind the book (and thus the title) is that love is a heavy emotion to behold, which is why most people have a “crush”. And, at times, even more than a “crush”, love flat out just CRUMBLE you.
After reading it, I would love to hear some feedback and your reactions. Thank you🙏🏾💕


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