Poetry by Charles Joseph

Computers With Baggage

What’re all these weights and regrets
That you carry, around, in the bags under your eyes
That I’m sure
You’ve been promising yourself for the past few years
You’d work towards getting rid of but

You and us all are in the business of promising ourselves
Changes and updates
That we all know we won’t arrive at getting the upgrade to.

So we carry our past around, turning us into a machine
That’s working with an outdated system
Needing a new software installation.

Till then, our drive is rather hard to find working
Through these codes and commands and programs
So, we’re inside this machine, behind the monitor
But it’s been a noticeably hard-drive getting to
That place we were destined to, long ago.
Before our visions and intentions and ambitions were infiltrated
By viruses. And hacks
That our computation has no defense against

But you still kept going

Your mind and sanity is being infiltrated
But you still kept going
Your Beauty and Oasis being corrupted
But you still kept going
Your motherboard on fire, your signals lagging
But you still kept going

Until that firewall goes out of date and depletes slowly
Until this warfare is a story pondered upon distantly,
Until there is casualties in these bags under your eyes
That you carry around;
Ones you haven’t quite figured out how to let go of, yet
Ones we’re calling the new model
Ones you’re putting on display to inspire.


3 responses to “Computers With Baggage”

  1. Very nice poem. I liked the computer imagery while also having an important message there.

    1. Thank you so much!!

      1. Sure thing, Charles!

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