My Old Roots

You’re a flower.
Connecting to your past is your roots extending
Touching different parts of this lovely garden,
Perhaps your life is a forest.

Embracing areas unexplored, sometimes ignored
To learn of the pieces and droplets of sunlight left behind
Brought back to the present

It happens, at times, in an assembly of plants
Some from old gardens left behind
Struggling but striving. Enlightening.

As you bloom to the new moon,
Surrounded by petals plucked, fallen free
For purposes of growth and advancement,
Connect to your past.

Revisit the dews—turned yellow—on these petals
That used to fertilize you.
But now glistened with dirt.

You’re a flower.
And we need to bloom.
Sometimes involving leaving that soil behind
That we were once rooted to.

I like to
Extend my newfound vines to my old roots.
Feel the uncertainty that clouded the atmosphere
But the tranquility that came with it.
These old, grown branches—now withered
That used to lay at the foundation;
The stakes in place to support my growth
I once thought
Were only burdened with staking my youth

I like to
Recline to that old sweet sun, back there
Embrace it tighter.
Realize its prime necessity to my evolution.


It’s been a while 🙂

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