Poetry by Charles Joseph

Of Stars And Men

Sometimes I look at the skies and I wonder if the stars think they can do better
If they only bother with matters beyond human comprehension, beyond imagination.
Inquiries that are of such value and divinity
That the smartest beings on Earth must bend back their necks in an un natural way to look, estimate, peek, deduct, intake
All of the lights.

And yet still not scratching the surface.

I wonder if they’ve already forgotten
That they too
Used to be a part of Earth.
A slave of this planet ruled by societies that swear

As if possibilities were really at their fingertips.
As if they know.
As if they could know.
As if their dreams are not really nothing
But dreams.

I wonder if the stars have forgotten
That they too
Used to be

The only proof of imperfection.

Have they evolved this far?
Where the existence of other creatures are irrelevant?
Merely a commodity in supporting their existence;
Replaceable. Plentiful.

I wonder if they surveil down from their stools and pedestals
Then cast judgements.
Laugh with one another
Discuss theory with thunder
While forgetting
That they too
Used to be me:

Starring up. Pondering. Wondering

If the stars laugh out loud
At us.
To compress the guilt of leaving behind nothing
To teach us better.

So, in a way, they oil this cycle
As our sins come from the same Bible
Passed on to children. Grand children.
Generations. Civilizations.
Time periods.

You should’ve known better
You should’ve taught us better!
Leave behind a map. A letter
A blueprint


2 responses to “Of Stars And Men”

  1. I like ‘ surveil’ for some reason. But I feel that at their advanced age, the stars are bound to insist on nice comfy couches to do their surveiling from.

    1. Haha you’re right! Sitting on a comfy couch is much better than a pedestal.

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