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March 22nd, 2014

Let me tell you a story I have never told anyone, anyone, ever in my life before. About a year after my car accident, my bestest friend in the whole wide world at that time got hit by a speeding car. Him, a few other friends, and I were skateboarding down a street going to wherever the wind takes us. I was halfway down the block, and he was ahead of me–crossing to the next block already. The light had just turned green for him, but as he was crossing, a taxi driver sped through the intersection and hit him dead on. All I saw was him tumbling on top of the car until he fell to the ground. We all immediately rushed to him. He was alive. It was difficult for him to get up, but he did. With shaky legs and our support, he walked to the sidewalk, and waited there until the ambulance came. He spent one night in the ER and was back in full motion the next day.

Some time after that incident, him and I discussed the difference between our outcomes: him, one night in the ER vs. me, 11 days in a coma, with 7 months in and out of the hospital. He looked at me, and told me that he saw the car right before it hit him. In the fraction of a second before the car hit him, he told me he did a quick hop! That hop, plus him being on a skateboard, gave him some elevation–which (he concluded) was enough to put him at a height where he just tumbled up the windshield to the top of the car. As opposed to me, who was on foot, probably didn’t even see the car coming, and was hit dead on. Just a few inches in height; 48% chance of living vs 100% chance of walking out the hospital the next day. Snake Eyes.

Just a few inches in height; 48% chance of living vs 100% chance of walking out the hospital the next day. Snake Eyes.


I’m a few days late :). It’s been a very busy week.

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  2. What an experience, thanks for sharing! Often times, I try to understand the why – I always wonder about the meaning behind the experience: I pray there was something valuable you received to move you further along in your life’s journey,.

    Snake Eyes…indicates loss/unlucky, I’m not sure I believe it was for nothing/that the experience was a total loss?! Or, was it solely loss/unlucky according to you?

    1. Hey! Thank you very much for reading and taking the time to comment! Thank for your well wishes too. I’m still learning to understand the valuable thing that I received.

      Also, thank you for bringing attention to “Snake Eyes”. That is actually the most important part of the post but, on all the platforms that I’ve shared it, you’re the first to bring attention to it! So shout out to you. By “Snake Eyes”, I meant I was unlucky when you compare my situation to my friend’s. We both had gotten hit by cars that were speeding through the red light–but we had totally different outcomes. It can be argued that him being a few more inches above ground is what saved his life–when compared to me who was on flat ground and ended up in a coma–but I am arguing that honestly it was purely bad luck on my end. There is no way anyone could have known, prior to the accident, that I should make sure I am a few inches above ground so that a car accident doesn’t nearly kill me. I am just an unlucky person. He deserves my outcome just as much as I did, yet he walked away fine while I was stuck in the hospital for 7 months. There’s no logical explanation behind it. I’m just unlucky. Snake Eyes.

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