Poetry by Charles Joseph

Under The Sea

Some people would rather sink than swim.

To slowly descend
Legs moving patiently
Hands grasping diligently.

There’s no need to fight
You can stop fighting
And give in

I can escape the rush
The brutality of civilization that everyone
Has grown accustomed to,

That I’ve grown accustomed to.

Some people would rather sink than swim

We all speak the same language under water
No one makes sense—so maybe, that’s better?

What you say is not stupidity
His words are not too wise.

I don’t have a,
“where are you from? You got an accent!”

The way I speak doesn’t decide my salary
The way I sound doesn’t decide my ethnicity

Some people would rather sink than swim

If all around is blue
We could all get lost in the skies,
That is very true

We don’t have to fight
Because we are all defeated,
Or we all have won.

It’s okay to swim.
But, I think it’s also very fine,
If you choose to drown



It’s okay to just relax, and not give in to the chase.

3 responses to “Under The Sea”

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  2. Very nice and it speaks of all in civilization thats affect ing everybody in different way.👏

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