Angel-Eye View

Heaven is a beautiful place, ain’t it?
Every time I realize I am still on this dark foggy road to Heaven
I give up on God.
Summon an anger from Hades’ footrest
To make my pleading clearer
Reminder of some promises that, I’m sure,
Are outdated; I’ve never heard; were not made to me, regardless.

Would it be fair if Heaven took consideration to my pleading?

Earth is a pesky place, now I can
Really see. The Angle’s view sees everything below Heaven
With a past connecting to a future
Their blindness is horrific.
For we have rules here, as they’re bounded by, there.
I know why 500 years of sufferance has to be maintained
But I have to watch it unravel to a thousand years of pain.
So it’s been about a day, and there’s no word about the Everlasting’s return on The Promise.

I watch the decaying of Earth—hell masked with glamour
Seeing the sin
Burning with pain
Knowing it’ll never rain


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