Astray Beauty

You are one gorgeous person
And you are just as beautiful
On the inside, too.

You’re just a little, “not straight” in the head
But, that’s okay.
I’m not too sure of my path in life
And that’s okay.

I guess
I can go ahead and say
Someone has to have a Dangerous level of pride
To stand up and claim:
“I know exactly what path I am to be on
In this life!”

The thing about life is
There is no “straight path” to follow.
They just put you in this life
With an infinite amount of paths to pursue
While, since the beginning of it,
Everything is, in a way, persuading you
To follow a path different from the other.

Which never made it easy to choose.

So, don’t be surprised.
You’re lost.
But so am I.
So is all of us.

There’s no way someone can claim
They’ve found themselves
In this vast Earth they’ve been littered into.
But I think that’s okay.

That’s what makes it beautiful,
In a way.
That’s what makes you beautiful.

Just enjoy the process ❤


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