Black Angel

So you’ve fallen.
Your bones growing weak
Flesh vividly sick.

But moments ago, you were at the peak of the world
Dominating altitudes the common thought to be uncommon.
You used to rain pride
On the bruised will and spirit

You used to matter, my black Angel

So you’ve fallen.
All your glory has plunged
If failure was the liquid, you’d be the sponge

Your wings have exploded
Ashes of patches and pieces of memory
From a time when “god” was an understatement

Drink your regrets away, my black Angel.
Until this serum floods your conscience
Beliefs that you’re still at glory

All you’ve wanted was to leave a mark
On their soul; fill their hole
Until they feel your spark

But your glory is no more.
You possess nothing but memories

So you’ve fallen, my black Angel.


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