Hello everyone!

I’ve decided to make the PDF copies of all the poetry books that I’ve published so far free for anyone to read/download. The link under this paragraph will take you directly to where my books can be accessed. I plan to keep this link active and only add to it as I complete more projects.

This second link is a master platform that has everything relating to “Sircharlesthepoet” on it. That includes links to all of my social media platforms, a link to where you can donate money to support me (if you feel moved to) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the link where all of my books can be found:

Now, let’s talk money. You may be thinking that my art should be sold–and you’re right–but, honestly, I do not like taking people’s money. My biggest downfall as an artist is that I have a hard time putting a monetary value on my work. That does not mean my work is worthless–I have created priceless pieces–but, knowing the impact that my work can have on someone, it pains me severely to know that this person may miss out on that impact because of a price they did not want to commit to. At first thought, this is the most beautiful idea, but, at the end of the day, I need money to support my art goals, become a better artist, and to support my life as an artist.

My art will remain free for as long as I can sustain it. But, with that being said, if you ever have some extra change but you’re not quite centered on what to do with it, please consider donating it to me. If you ever feel a strong urge to support me financially–with whatever amount you may have (a dollar is a dream)–I now have a way for you to do so. There are three links below, PayPal, GoFundMe and Ko-fi, through which you can donate to me any amount that you please. PayPal requires an account (I believe) but GoFundMe and Ko-fi will work with your card. All of the money goes to a special bank account that I only withdraw from for art purposes. All of your money will go towards my art. I am committed to doing things such as taking art classes, learn new types of art, buy art materials, and whatever else it may be (like finally buying the WordPress domain to get rid of these pesky ads), to improve my work, and to deliver better content to you. This is very difficult and strange for me to do, but whatever you are able to give, I strongly appreciate your support.




Much love,

Charles “Sircharlesthepoet” Joseph

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