Indie Girl

I have a soft side for Indie Girls.
Girls I’ll never get; girls there are no formulae to getting
I have an addiction with just spectating.
Knowing I cannot do anything, but never testing that theory

Sometimes I’d much rather look
with a virgin mind filled with possibilities, fantasies
than to try
then be left with a mind filled with regrets
and intellectual ways to improve next time

Ones that will probably, just as well, fail.

I constantly have this need: step into another’s world
and I have. But their similarities start to blend
until they all look the same
until I can predict the probabilities without delving,
I tell myself.

I have a keen attraction for pieces that do not fit; bodies that can flow with the current
but they just DON’T!
The Indie Girl steps me into another world, into her world
outside of this world (filled with commonalities, similarities, and coincidences)

I’ve always had a passion for adventure—although with fear
I’ve swarmed myself among creatures whose speech is unintelligible
I’ve been trapped in infinitely expanding forests, caves of no bottom
some, I was only able to escape by opening my eyes

The Indie Girl is an adventure waiting for an outburst
an estranged world in a society that has evolved to normalities and routines.
It’s a dare we all have the outburst for—though with fear
because comfortability is addicting so flux becomes threatening
It’s a love I want to get lost in.
but I guess I’ve gotten comfortable with my potential achievements and sins
So, instead, I spectate.

Watch my video for “Indie Girl” below!

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