Poetry by Charles Joseph

As You Look, Imagine

there’s a Feather on the wall but really
we all know it is not just a Feather

there’s a Peacock on the wall that folds itself
into a single elegant Feather on the wind
~caught you looking~
catch a gaze then puts a busy, palpating city in slow motion
that’s the only way the Peacock can travel through
as a Feather, floating on the wind after it folds and folds

the Peacock belongs to a deity, a house pet
laying at the master’s leg
roaming the house of a god
dwelling in magic incapable to mortality

but there’s a Feather on the wall
mesmerizing to us all.
every time one looks at that canvas, they travel
a random Feather in elegance floating through the air
a portal to the immortal.

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6 responses to “As You Look, Imagine”

  1. It would be so cool to see you do a live reading of this. Lovely work!

    1. Wow, I haven’t done a live reading in such a long time! But maybe one day. Thank you for the compliment!!

    2. Hey Tony! I know doing an actual live reading would be a bit complicated, considering that this is an online platform BUT I decided to do the next best thing which is RECORD MYSELF READING THE POEM!!!

      I posted a video of myself reading this poem on my YouTube page (inspired by you haha). Check it out via the link below! Thank you for the idea by the way!!

      1. My friend, this rocks! I loved your reading, but I also loved that you took time to talk about the poem for the last ten minutes of the video. I love getting a little insight into what you were thinking when you created this. 😄

        1. Thank you, Tony! I appreciate it! And thank you immensely for the inspiration. If it is not too much to ask, please do share the video with anyone and everyone who you think would be interested or would be impacted by it. I will soon edit the video and upload only the poetry-reading portion. I will notify you when I’ve uploaded that edit. Once again, thank you immensely!

  2. […] a video of myself reading and presenting one of the recent poems that I published on this blog, As You Look, Imagine. You can view the live-reading video by clicking here or by clicking on the picture/YouTube link […]

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