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Will Smith Was Right to Slap Chris Rock

There is a lot differing opinions on the Will Smith Vs Chris Rock incident. My opinion might not be one that most people agree with, unfortunately. But I will share it regardless.

How I see it is this way: somebody shamed Will Smith’s wife, so he reacted how he felt it best to react. Could he have reacted in better way? Of course. But, in saying that, I believe that one should not ABUSE something/someone very important to a person and then try to dictate how that person should react to the assault. What Chris did—shaming Jada in front of the whole world—is assault too. Assault to her whole family. If someone is shaming you in any way, I hope you’d expect your partner to stand up for you—even if that means getting physical.

A common statement that has been made is that when you go to a comedy event you have to have thick skin or at least be prepared to get picked on, as that is the culture of the space. Although I understand that, comedians should also know that whether it is a joke or not what they say can and will have strong impacts on people—and sometimes that comes with consequences for them, a rebuttal from the victim. In this case, Chris shamed someone on National TV for a medical condition that they’re suffering from which has taken so much from them, so he got slapped on National television.

The reaction could’ve and should’ve been worse. I don’t think what Will Smith did out of anger was wrong. I actually praise Will Smith for specifically choosing to slap Chris. Guys do not slap people out of anger. They throw a punch. So it was very wise of Will to choose to slap instead of a punch because punch that hard would’ve knocked some teeth out and require some medical attention.

Watch my full video commentary on the event by clicking here or the link below. Let me know your opinions.

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