English Girl

It’s a constant doing:
trying to catch your eyes
so i can demonstrate the smile i’ve been working
on in my mirror every night to impress you
so you’d return a smile that purifies me more
than mine ever deserved your attention.

I’d tell my friends:
i’m not into you…like that
but each time you walk in i race to find
the parts of you imprisoning my attention

Sandals for footwear:
casual; the art of “i don’t care”
everyone competes each other’s looks
catch views with their suffering hooks
but you be you: simple—a natural form

From lazy hair
to the liberty in your steps,
(i know you were not even trying)
the casual black leggings, random sweater
plain face for the world to see, shirt dancing
tango with your body. a beauty disrespectful

So my mind flies
to a future you and i smile to
get lost in…into our bedtime. until I wake up!
run to English class: a race, when you walk in
a wish, that you were mine.


Thing One: The last time I saw this girl was on the last day of my English class back in University in 2015, but till this day I still regret having been too wimpy chicken to shoot my shot at her (court her/ask her on a date). I didn’t even have the courage to give her this poem!! ::(((( #sadnessandtears

Thing Two: I could’ve sworn I had posted this poem here already at some point in the past, but I searched through my archives and couldn’t find it. If I did post it before, and you had read it in the past, well congrats! You get to read it a second time ::))))) (you’re welcome)

Thing Three: Here’s a poem titled Indie girl, click here. Here is the video for Indie Girl, click here.

Thing Four: Here’s a song I REALLY love called “Polish Girl”, click here.

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