Post-Rainy Day

i woke up
to a post-rainy day
and i complain of the rain
but the birds are happy.

an air contaminated, but with a warm embrace
the smell of calm comfort
to breathe in
in an atmosphere of relief

the rain taps my window with an invitation
but still left its loyalty when i responded in fear.
i curse the wetness of my decaying possessions,
the ground rejoices for the refreshing cleanse

the trees stand bright and green
flowers dance, though dirt on their leaves
i look, i smile
close my eyes, ask myself why

clouds in the sky
inspires my somber thoughts
but the streets are at peace
and a casual stroll becomes therapeutic

a cool descends from heaven;
the sun reveals a new shine of light;
worms find reason to leave the darkness;
the birds decorate outside with a chorus

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