Poetry by Charles Joseph

Adults in a Playground

The water sprouts with excitement!
I remember the days of my innocence
when cloudy skies were not a metaphor;
an omen to validate pessimist outlooks on life

“Oh! Go play, baby! Mommy will come in a bit”
A leaf falls farther from heaven
reminder of the magic we’ve surrendered
for the repetitive nature of the life we chose;
a machine that doesn’t truly stop moving

Daddy is busy again.
So plant the excitement in the concrete playground
With a distant hope for the blossom of laughter
Although it may be too deep for growth through concrete;
play opportunities, buried by boundaries.

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5 responses to “Adults in a Playground”

  1. But boundaries can make you feel safer, heheh, I’ve been sheltered my entire life. Your poem is unsetttling yeah. 🙂

    1. I’ve been sheltered my whole life too and that made me feel everything but safe. Boundaries put me in fight or flight mode these days. It’s interesting when the different outcomes are taken into consideration though

  2. This reminds me of how disconnected we can be with ourselves, work, and what truly makes us happy.

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