Poetry by Charles Joseph

Room 322

the artists lounge in a room full of instruments
so daily performances don’t need advertisements.
Real-life athletes crowding the line of vision
television beaming football; Playstation X.
the most ecstatic floor in the building

But Room 322 is where beds join the chairing team
they talk like an open door. Invitation is never key
a room I walk past three different stairways, turn
walk by two more stairways, sometimes an elevator
take the stairs rarely used just so I’ll pass in front of

Her. She’d drive miles to that room
She’d go down a hill, walk under a bridge
follow the trail through trees thick at night
swivel among buildings made like Legos
painted in the uniform color of misdirection

I would too. Just to see her gold-colored flats,
no-show socks, braces glimmering on a smile
when she smiles, I would feel too comfortable
when it’s late, perhaps 8, I would find a need
go somewhere non-urgent. Get there by walking

past three different sets of staircases, then turn,
walk by two other staircases, sometimes an elevator,
to take the stairs barely used, just to pass by Room 322.
delay my steps, turn my head, see her talking, laughing
where a hunter does not need some scheme to catch her

Y’all, this girl AGREED to go on a date with me after I had put my GAME ON for her but I was too much of a coward to follow through with the date!!!!! 🙁

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