Candle Light

You start a small fire in my heart
I protect it though the awaiting pain
I care for it so it would last through.
love is a candle light in constant motion

I wake up in the morning, small fire is in my heart
Too much movement can attract air. So I remain
As my mind is illuminated by many thoughts of you

if I can’t prevent it from dying,
I’ll convince myself to go to class
Where at 1:50 PM, when over 400 young adults
Are pushing their way out of a lecture hall,
I can make my way to you.
It’s not hard to find a flame in a crowd.
Then you’ll smile: igniting a small fire in my heart

It turns out that this girl was gay. I do wish she had told me that after I gave her this poem though…or at any point during the 3 years after I started talking to her, before I learned that very key information.

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