Poetry by Charles Joseph

A Friend Named Patience

Patience is a strange thing
you have to wait.
Cause Patience, is a strange thing

Patience is a strange thing
you remain and,
→ you remain and,
→ you remain and
you wait.

As the world goes by;
possibilities troll away;
chances drift at bay;
what should be, becomes
what would be, turns to
what could be

but you never know.

Patience is a strange thing
as time waits for no man,
men wait for time to bring:
an unknown, claimed to be known
an unknown that only Hope would claim
to know.

As you wait with patience,
it soon takes the city bus
to the sunset…
…until it runs short.

Patience is a strange thing
so coil your body.
Do it!
I know you want to
“something to pass the time”
humans evolved not, to be idle

yet, here you are.

Waiting in this abyss
all the possibilities to miss
ignoring that something’s amiss

Patience is a strange thing
sometimes, I just wanna give in,
go about my way.
Sometimes, I will put an extra second

but then I always see Patience,
a cunning fool just being,
on the train downtown,
on the bus going, and thinning.

I wrote this piece as a class assignment in my final year in University, in 2019. It is both one of my bests and one of my favorite pieces. Reading it always leaves a smirk on my face.

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5 responses to “A Friend Named Patience”

    1. Thank you Annie!

  1. What a wonderful piece! Patience is a strange thing, the waiting is bitter but the reward is sweet, just like this poem, something I didn’t know I needed to read till I had finally read it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Wow! What a compliment!!! Thank you immensely for sharing this with me!

      1. The pleasure is all mine! 😊

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