Poetry by Charles Joseph

I Think Of You

I think of you often
I think of how happiness rolls off your lips
like it belongs there
like a tumbleweed freely in the desert

Did you know happiness looks great on you?

I think of you often
I think of the way my name rolls off your tongue
like a bow smoothing a harp
like a peacock’s tail blooming to greet the sun

I think of you often
I think of the way your short build still finds a way
like a stonecrop shattering hard circumstances
like a vine reaching no limits; the rose and the concrete

Did you know the oppressed always rise?

I think of you often
I think of the way your neck elongates
like fingers giving life to a limped dummy
like hands rising in the sanctuary

I think of you often
I think of the way rhythm roll ’round your hips
like chocolate snaking down the fountain
like music that attention always finds

Did you know you’re an addiction good for men?

I think of you often
I think of the way warmth waits in your embrace.
like ocean waves growing, rolling, sinking
like a crying baby calming in a mother’s arm.

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4 responses to “I Think Of You”

  1. I really love the cadence in this piece, Charles! This is such a beautiful poem. You utilize details so well and the structure of how you re-emphasize certain lines was a great choice.

    1. Thank you very much man 🙂 I wrote this for a girl I was good friends with in High School who I ended up falling for (which was no surprise, this girl’s beauty is surreal, the force she carries is mesmerizing, sometimes a mesmerizing catastrophe. Everyone saw it).

      Anyways, you should read my book, “Crumble”. You can find it in the link below:

      1. I always love to hear the inspiration and story behind our words – thanks for sharing this! I’ll check it out 🙂

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