All the Time

If i had all the time in the world, i still wouldn’t complete my responsibilities

i’d become a monk; i’d be a preacher of an earthly life
to value caring for one’s self
to distance from the need of currency
to reject the necessity for labor

i’d drench myself in the pleasures of the world.
If i had all the time in the world,
i’d spend time thinking of the best chores to complete
i’d spend time thinking—as an action

i’d let the world go by because isn’t it all meaningless?
What’s the purpose of the things we cultivate on earth
if all the crops will remain? So i sink deeper into my sermon
of rigidness—detach myself from what is not needed

If i had all the time in the world, i’d float on excuses
i wouldn’t worry about the voices in my subconscious
i’d glide to the end of time. Regret, as patient as could be,
waiting. i’d shame myself, seeing i’m out of time

wishing If only I had more time


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