Poetry by Charles Joseph

Ballerina Box

So then will you forget our love? Do you plan to throw all that we had away for the sake of “moving on”?

No. Do you know these old-school jewelry boxes that have a ballerina inside? You can open the box to get your jewelry, but you can also turn a key, press a button, then the ballerina will start dancing.

For the space that we shared, the love that we bore and cultivated between the two of us—for the two of us—I’ve decided to not leave all that love behind as I onboard new adventures in my life. I decided to carefully and safely place our love—all the heartfelt moments, all the laughter, all the conversations, all the sex, all the tears, all the adventures, all the poetry, and all the simplicity—into a special box that holds my precious items.

From time to time, I turn the key on the box to let the ballerina come up to dance. The memories play in my imagination; in front of my eyes. I relive that time, once again—replacing my reality. Feel that strong emotion. Remember you. Love you, again. Love all that you were and all that you became. All that we became together. Experience our love all over again. Forever.


Why do we encourage each other to stop loving someone and move on? Isn’t love like a Rubik’s cube?

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