if i die in my sleep

my mother struggles for the care of her community
drop outs on broadcast with a curriculum in their mouth,
the avenues always studying.
so why the education that you offer?

which level of this cycle begs the most for attention?
my brother strives to open our eyes
presenting to a collection of disguise
he’s the example, avenue. a Promise
but our stomachs ask for attention, too

if death comes for me, tonight
where in my sleep will it place the blame?
am I a bad student? or do certain teachings drowse me
amiss to the dreams deferred before i knew of sleep
the dreams yawning, yearning, to be awake in the present

my uncle’s teeth are rotting
but Which lesson in life did he not learn?
Which course initiated the faults in him?
Which choices were his to make?


This poem was the result of an assignment I was given by an organization. The instruction was to write a poem that touches upon the idea of “The American Dream Deferred.” I wrote the poem and sent it to them, but I never heard back. It’s a great piece though. I surprised myself too.

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